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Embed an iCan attitude in your audience. Book an inspirational, motivational speaker who has a unique story to share.

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Richard has delivered over 2000 presentations around the world, inspiring audiences with his story of overcoming adversity, and sharing his powerful iCan approach. Book Richard’s keynote to embed an iCan culture and transform your organisation’s performance.

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Amplify presentation skills for you and your team. Gain confidence in public speaking with the iCan Speak Academy.

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Richard McCann shares insightful tips, tools and techniques from his speaking career. Delegates at the iCan Speak Academy learn how to deliver impactful presentations and gain the ability to present with authenticity, passion and engagement, and so achieve results.

Richard at Work

Why Richard?

Richard is a motivational speaker, professional speaker, inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, available for business, corporate, community and education clients.

An exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to give your people the iCan approach. Not only does Richard live and breathe the iCan philosophy, but has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to change the way people think – and act.

If you want to add something unusual, inspiring and challenging to your next event book the motivational speaker, Richard McCann.

iCan Lead Leadership Programme


This is a high level example of a programme that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your organisation. The design of the programme will be influenced by your existing culture and the culture you aspire to achieve.

Our purpose is to develop the thinking and behaviours of leaders and managers within your organisation in order that they can create the best climate for their teams to be successful.

The programme can include the use of psychomentric profiling, 360 degrees appraisals and other leadership tools to help your leaders have a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for further development.

All our workshops are highly interactive and challenge leaders to think ‘deep and differently.’ In order to embed the learning back in the workplace, we encourage the involvement of the leaders and managers of those on the programme through post-session development discussions.

Pre- and post work options are recommended on some of the sessions to help maximise the transfer of learning.

Inspiring teams to deliver your vision

  • Help leaders recognise and understand their own personal vision, values and those of your organisation and the synergy that can be created when they are all aligned.
  • Develop powerful practices and behaviours for leaders to be both inspired and inspirational to their teams.
  • Increase energy and engagement within your teams through the power of storytelling to deliver on your organisational goals.

Creating a culture of trust and authenticity

  • Understand the importance of authentic leadership and how it builds a culture of trust and cooperation amoungst teams.
  • Practice bringing ‘your whole self to work’ and how this can positively impact on how others engage with you as a leader.
  • Develop a deeper awareness of how you youare seen as a role model and the influence this has on the culture of your organisation.

Achieving results through high performance

  • Develop leaders to stretch team performance through innovative thinking and continuos improvement.
  • Help leaders provide clarity for their teams so that their work is purposeful and connected to the vision.
  • Understand the importance of focused and constuctivefeedback that challenges people to grow and deliver more.

Nurturing talent for long term success

  • Develop a coaching culture for long term development and growth of their people and success of the team.
  • Empower teams to find their own solutions and generate greater levels of trust and engagement.


“I guarantee that after a presentation from Richard McCann you will leave more determined to succeed in business and life than ever before. You will realise that you can overcome almost any obstacle you face in business and life. His presentation is both motivational and inspirational, and I would recommend it to anybody.”
Gary Lumby MBE, Head of Retail and Small Business Banking, Yorkshire Bank
“Our 2016 Sales & Marketing Conference was elevated to the next level with a great session from Richard McCann. Made a great day excellent.”
Chris Capon Sales Director Neopost