Ellis Speaks

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Teams are built on talent

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Isla’s scored a hat-trick My daughter, Isla, has a passion for football. She also has more than her fair share of talent and only today she has scored a hat-trick for her team. But things would have turned out differently, had she not decided to move to a new team. “Mixed” by name, not in [...]

Leadership: Harnessing the power of authenticity

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These days I am best known as somebody who inspires others and helps them to find their voice just as I found mine. Some say that leadership is knowing how to bring out the best in people so I guess that makes what I do a kind of leadership. While I don’t have [...]

Breaking News Just a Boy film secures award winning director Oliver Schmitz

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Just a Boy Films Ltd. today proudly announced it is working with the award winning Director Oliver Schmitz to make Tony Klinger’s new screenplay of the Richard McCann story, “Just a Boy”. Tony is set to produce the film and said, “ I was thrilled to be asked to write and produce [...]

I’m so Emmerdale.

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Just when I thought I'd seen and read it all,  I realise that I hadn't. Yesterday, which is the day we laid to rest my stepmother, I received one of my most unusual pieces of diologue ever.  I did post parts of it on Linkedin but as there were restictions to the length of the [...]

44 Talks in one day.

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Want to be a part of something great? #Challenge44 It is 20 years since I left prison and made a decision to turn my life around. Now I am an internationally recognised public speaker who helps others to find the confidence to find their voice. To celebrate this special anniversary it only [...]

13 sure-fire ways to fail as a speaker.

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  1.   Speak monotonously When speaking to the audience, do not be enthusiastic in any way. This will only connect you with the audience, which is the opposite of what you want. There's a very good chance that many of the delegates will have had a heavy night so any sleep inducing monotony will be [...]

Driven Edition 1 with Steven Robinson

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Well, it's finally here. Driven. Inspired by The Carpool Interviews I've decided to take my car for a drive and interview some incredibly inspirational individuals who I've met along the way. My first guest is no other than Stephen Robinson. Steve lost his right arm in a tragic accident many years ago. What [...]

Presentation Skills from an 8 Year Old.

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I've been inundated by people from all around the world over the last few weeks on the back of a couple of posts on Linkedin which went viral. Many people are asking for some help with presentation skills. So I decided to create a little something using a small piece of footage of my 8 [...]