How will you be remembered?

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Hoping this week will be a memorable one for you. Speaking of memories: I had one of those events in my life occur last week that will never be forgotten. If you have ever heard me speak or read my books you will know that there is an extremely special teacher in my life who [...]

Just a Boy The Movie

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Well its finally happening. After months of meetings, emails and phone calls I can confirm that we are finally moving forward with the film adaption of Just a Boy. We've agreed the deal for Tony Klinger to write the screen play and Executive Produce the film. We have  a great team involved and in coming [...]

The Pride of Britain

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Every once in a while we come across individuals who stand out for doing something incredibly amazing. A few days ago I met one of these people. Natalia attended my recent speaker boot-camp as she has now decided that she wants the world to know her for something other than what she had been known [...]

My English Teacher Changed My Life.

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My English Teacher Changed My Life. Mr Hill, my English Teacher had no idea that the seed he planted in 1983 would flower into something that would enable me, someone once terrified of speaking, with little confidence and low self esteem, to be able to speak all around the world to audiences as large as [...]

iCan Ride a Bike Again

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I have to begin with a slight moan. I’m totally shattered.  But its for a fantastic reason. A few weeks ago one of the dads at the school our children go to suggested that we got our bikes out and went for a ride.  I found a few excuses for a few weeks before finally [...]

iCan Inspire Recruits

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Richard McCann Launches Pioneering Yorkshire Job Creation Foundation In a week that’s seen the Princes Trust survey revealing that one in six youngsters fear they’ll end up on benefits after leaving school – coupled the news that youth unemployment among 16-24 year olds has increased by 15,000 to reach 973,000  – an enterprising Yorkshire business [...]

See the wood for the trees?

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    I can’t tell you much pleasure it gives me to tell you about this. Recently my wife bought a present for me, the likes of which I have never come across before. As I opened the beautiful box my eyes lit as I was greeted with the most elegant set of hand made [...]

Dear Neet….

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Dear Neet How are you today? Probably feeling a little bit got at what with the recent focus on your apparent failings. Apparently young people are getting a little too picky in respect of what jobs they are prepared to do. I can understand that. Who wants to work in a kitchen washing dishes. a [...]

The Perfect Post

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Today, sat in the garden I noticed how out of shape one of our trees is.  It's not the kind of tree you would pay money for if you needed one for a promo picture or a marketing campaign at all. I asked my son Ellis who was sat beside me on the swinging seat [...]