Introducing The ‘iCan Speak’ Bootcamp

They say the greatest fear on the planet is speaking to an audience. It’s probably one of the greatest things that stops people progressing through life. The ability to share a message whether it’s to an audience, pitch for a new piece of business or apply for a promotion, is one of the single most significant skills that people fall down on.

  • How long has the fear of speaking been holding you back?
  • Does the thought of standing on a stage and presenting in front of a group fill you with fear?
  • Do you want to improve your presentation skills and have a greater impact with your audience?
  • Do you want to deliver your presentations and speeches with more impact?

If your answer to any of these questions is “YES”, then the ‘iCan Speak’ Bootcamp is for you too…

Some success stories

Hannah Kennedy-Jackson first heard Richard Speak over five years ago whilst she was at college and this inspired her to share her story. Hannah attended the Bootcamp and is now a full time professional speaker.

While we wouldn’t dream of saying that her success is solely down to attending the Bootcamp it was definitely one of the things she did to help her get to where she is now – she now earns in a month what she previously earned in three years! How’s that for a return on investment?

Andy Walker from Manchester attended the ‘iCan Speak’ Presentation Bootcamp in 2014 and afterwards, was asked to speak at a Conference in Bahrain to an audience including Royalty. Andy went down a storm and is quickly becoming a sought after paid speaker on the motivational speaker circuit.

Ben Davis, a Fitness Professional who in his own words was “just ok” at public speaking, would regularly speak in front of his clients and at local businesses networking events. But he had aspirations to take his speaking to the ‘next level’ to drive more clients into his business, have a bigger impact from the stage and give more of a professional approach to his speaking. After attending the Bootcamp he went on to speak in front of BIGGER audiences (over 500+ people) in the UK, America and Australia!

Give it a go!

The day will consist of a number of techniques which I have learnt the hard way and have now put into and easy system for you to have, all of which I shared with Hannah, Andy and Ben. After each technique is demonstrated, you will be asked to ‘Give it a Go”. You will then receive on the spot coaching to refine what you do.

What will you learn

The day starts at 9.30 am and runs through to 4.30pm and we’ll cover the following:

  • How to stand and deliver, how you can look the part on stage the way to position yourself, your body language, and how hands and eye contact are crucial to demonstrate you are confident speaker… even if you are not.
  • How to start with impact, and get off to a flying start with a fantastic opening. This includes your introduction – which you need to be in complete control of – and how to spice it up, and learn language and delivery techniques to set you apart from other speakers.
  • The simple easy to apply strategy on vocal variety and vocal techniques to give your voice the edge and help you connect with your audience in new, more effective ways.
  • How to get into character, bring your presentations to life by becoming the characters you are speaking about.
    The best way to add vocal variety and focusing on vocal techniques to give your voice the edge and help you connect with your audience in new, more effective, ways.
  • Pulling it all together. The day ends with all attendees delivering a short presentation, bringing together all the skills and techniques learned throughout the day, and demonstrating your new confidence and developed abilities.

And not only that you will be inspired by the other attendees and much, much more…

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What delegates say

“I got the courage to stand up and speak, the motivation to be more than I am and the determination to be the best speaker I can possibly be. Thanks so much.”
“A great boost to my personal confidence. I am now looking forward to my next presentation rather than being scared about it.”
Keith Cartwright
“What a brilliant day! I came expecting to learn how to become a better speaker but I learnt SO much more! Richard is exceptionally gifted at creating a safe place for people to open up, learn and grow.”
Siobhan Curham
“Richard McCann really can! Richard is undoubtedly the most compelling speaker that it has been my pleasure to work with not only in his capacity as a professional speaker telling his story but also as a speaking coach working with others…and he’s a nice bloke too.”
Kerry McKevitt
“Today has been amazing, I have learned so much and have been given the confidence to know ‘iCan’ do whatever I want to in life and its amazing to meet the other delegates.”
Natalia Aggiano
“I feel inspired and confident to make a change not only in my work, but in my life! A truly liberating experience and I would recommend this course to everyone.”
Emily Hay

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