Empowerment Comes in a Can

Richard McCann is a motivational speaker, professional speaker, inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, available to speak in your school or college.

Whether your young people are gifted and talented, C-D borderline or hard to reach then they need to be introduced to the iCan Philosophy. In fact everyone can benefit from hearing his message.

Richard McCann first delivered his iCan Keynote presentation in a school setting in March 2007. Since then he has shared his iCan message in over 300 schools around the UK, many book him year in year out.  That’s over 200’000 learners and there is a reason for that. It’s quite simply one of the most inspirational presentations they are ever likely to hear.

Why Book Richard?

Learning how to think positively is a skill that every young person will find invaluable throughout their life. His whole life and presentation is an example of what can be achieved with a Growth Mindet. Help your students, staff or parents to discover their true potential. This presentation will:

  • Explain what can be achieved with the right mindset
  • Encourage young people and staff  to look at their own potential
  • Help them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • Develop determination to succeed
  • Provide guidance on the steps to success

If you want to to give your young people and staff  something truly inspirational then book the Sunday Times No1 Bestselling Author and Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Richard McCann.

What does he do?

iCan Keynote Presentation: (1hr)

Richard’s flagship message, which usually lasts for an hour, in which Richard shares his inspirational life story. From being brought up on the At-Risk Register, living in poverty before tragically losing his mother a week before his 6th birthday at the hands of the serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe. After time in a children’s home Richard was brought up by his often violent and drunken father. He had little in the way of self esteem and confidence and turned to petty crime including breaking into his primary school. He eventually left school with no qualifications and found himself in dead-end jobs and eventually joined the army before being kicked out when it went disastrously wrong.   Richard eventually turns to drugs and eventually finds himself in the very same prison that his mothers killer was sent to when first arrested. On his release and after a failed suicide attempt he decides to turn his life around. He does so in grand style and eventually writes his first book Just a Boy. It’s sold almost 1/2 million copies in the UK after which he began to be asked to share his powerful story. He’s now delivered it over 2000 times  all across the globe.

His iCan Presentation includes themes that every young person needs to hear.

Self Belief
Importance of Self-Talk
Raising Aspirations
Taking Responsibility
and a whole lot more.

It’s hard hitting, delivered with humility, sensitivity and surprisingly with a lot of fun. After listening to this presentation no young person should have an excuse to say I Can’t.

*It can be delivered multiple times during the same day to different year groups or including a staff twighlight session.

iCan Grow: Mega Session(2-2.5hrs)

This mamouth session is delivered to a whole year group and is an alternative to the keynote session. It incorporates everything in Richard’s keynote session with the addition of tools and techniques that will help young people as they prepare for exams. It also incorporates much of the Growth Mindset approach. This session will challenge young people to think about themselves and whether they have a fixed or growth mindset. Richard will demonstrate within this session that with a little focus and by being willing to try new appoaches they can do better. They will do better…within this short period.

In the iCan Grow session they will also:

Realise that they can achieve almost anything when they put their minds to it.

Explore and understand what a self limiting belief is and how to combat it.

Understand WHY it’s vitally important to Focus.

Set goals for the future and leave understanding that plans are vitally important.

This session is often broken down to two sessions, firstly with the iCan Keynote presentation to a year group and then a workshop with a target group of 30: often the CD Borderline students or those at risk of becoming disengaged.

*this session requires each young person to do some written exercises and goal setting so pens and paper will be required.

My English Teacher Changed My Life: For staff CPD

At the age of 12 Richard met his English Teacher Mr Hill for the first time. He saw something in Richard that he didn’t see for himself and encouraged him to take part in the school public speaking competition….which he won. It was a defining moment and a seed was planted. It’s no coinscidence that Richard has now spoken over 2000 times around the world. This presentation is an incredible example of the difference teachers can make in the lives of young people. It concludes with how Richard’s 8 year old son Ellis was asked by a teaching assistant what he wanted to do when he was older. When he replied “Motivational Speaker” she did not know what to say. His father did. In this session you will discover what can happen when a young person receives encouragement, is given an opportunity and they realise that skills can be learnt. Ellis eventually spoke at a teachers confernece to over 1500 teachers and his latest to 3000. It’s an awe inspiring piece of footage.

iCan Conference: Whole day.








I am now in my 30th year working in comprehensive schools and I felt that I had seen and heard virtually everything… I was wrong.

Without doubt your presentation has been the most moving and powerful experience that I have had in school in those many long years.

Stephen Ball, Head Teacher
Your motivational and moving story helped to show staff how they can inspire learners to improve their lives and aim for an incredible future. The workshops, Working Together to Make a Difference to Young People, were also a great opportunity for staff to discuss and reflect on what they are doing, the impact of their actions and how they can better understand and support the diverse needs of young people. Furthermore, your workshops have supported staff to develop strategies that they, their teams and the College can implement to ensure that every young learner achieves whilst at Leeds Thomas Danby.
Ann Yasin, Professional Development Coordinator, Thomas Danby College, Leeds