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Want to be a part of something great? #Challenge44

It is 20 years since I left prison and made a decision to turn my life around. Now I am an internationally recognised public speaker who helps others to find the confidence to find their voice.

To celebrate this special anniversary it only seemed right that I should mark the occasion with something inspirational.

So, I have been delivering short impromptu talks to strangers in the most unlikely places including a full train carriage, a barber shop and even a Pay-What-You-Can community cafe in inner city Leeds.

These talks have been broadcast on Facebook LIVE

44 talks in ONE DAY!

Somebody challenged me to do 44 talks in 44 days but I have taken it a step further.

How about 44 talks in ONE DAY? And you can be a part of it.

Want some free inspiration for your organisation?

If you would like me to show up at your organisation and give the team an inspirational and uplifting talk that they will remember for a long time, book now.

There are 44 slots and each one is completely free.

Help a local community at the same time

I am delivering these talks for free. However, if you want to take part I am inviting you to make a donation to the Pay-What-You-Can Cafe. Toast Love Coffee Cafe

 You can motivate your team and give to the community at the same time. Everybody wins.

Please email to add your name to the list.

So the cafe receives 44 x £44 from the local businesses but I’m also rasing money for Samaritans. So individuals can support me by visiting my Justgiving page.

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