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The iCan Academy runs a range of events that will change the way you think, feel and act, helping you to become the best you can be.




From exclusive retreats for those who want to speak with Gravitas to influence, persuade and lead, to the iCan Speak bootcamps which help everyday people find the confidence and inspiration to speak in front of an audience, or a number of our virtual events, Richard and his team can deliver the necessary tools and training you need to greatly improve your communication power.

Believe is both inspirational and thought provoking and will give you reassurance that when our loved ones die their spirit lives on.

iCan Live is an interactive event that takes delegates on a journey of self-discovery, gently encouraging them to identify and challenge their own fears and self-limiting beliefs.

Believe – Date to be confirmed

Why Believe?
Ever since I was a young child, I felt as though there was more to this world than could easily be explained. Now, as an adult, when I reflect on my childhood, it feels as though I had a sense, even then, that I was here to spread a message of hope to people around the world.
Throughout my life, I have witnessed the most astonishing moments of synchronicity, where magical things have happened with a timing that was too perfect to be explained away as coincidence.
What seemed like unrelated events often turned out to be connected in such a way that I gained a unique insight, sensed the best direction to take or felt reassured that I was doing the right thing.
Increasingly, these moments of serendipity have led me not only to the conclusion that our loved ones never leave us but that they watch over us and offer us subtle guidance to keep us safe.

Video is from delegates who have attended the Gravitas Live 3 day retreat. The Gravitas Mastermind is the same content delivered online over 6 months.

Do you want to deliver more powerful presentations?


I am sure you do, and the great news is that you’re in the right place at just the right time to learn the skills you need. I am delighted to introduce you to my most advanced presentation skills course to date, the Gravitas Mastermind, and I can’t wait to work with you.

The Gravitas Mastermind is a six-month comprehensive communications skills course that will leave you fully equipped to handle any in-person or online presentation with the gravitas of a true master. What’s even better is that the entire course is delivered online so you can learn, study and practise from the comfort of your own home, your office or even your garden shed! It doesn’t matter where you are. What does matter, and what makes this course particularly special, is the content that it covers and the person delivering the training.

Why do some people thrive on challenges while others are left beaten and overwhelmed? 

The difference is mindset.

Everybody faces obstacles and setbacks. Yet people prove every day that even the toughest challenges can be overcome.

The most important challenge is not what’s taking place right now. It is your own mindset.

Reset your mindset

iCan LIVE will give you the tools and experiences to reset the way you think about your life, your career, your business and your future.

●    Identify, understand and overcome “self-limiting beliefs”
●    Understand the power of your thoughts
●    Learn the mindset of success – to thrive despite obstacles and setbacks

●    Be inspired

●    Discover a set of resilience tools to apply straigth away.

Take control of your life

It’s no coincidence that you’ve landed on this page. You have recognised that there is another way of seeing things. Now you have the opportunity to take control of your life. Seize it.

iCan LIVE is a full day event where you will discover for yourself what is holding you back. Once you understand how your own mind works all you need are the tools for resetting your thoughts.

Take control of your life. Take control of your future.

iCan LIVE is all about YOU

And the great news is that we are delivering the next iCan LIVE online so you can access the event from the comfort of your own home. And for the cost of one ticket, everone in your home can tune in.


Presentation Skills


  • By the end of the session, delegates will understand.
  • ​What it takes to Stand & Deliver in an engaging way. Focussing on Stance, Hands and Upper Body.
  • ​How and why it’s vitally important to give Eye Contact. If you want to connect with your audience whether it be to 4 in a pitch or 100 at the AGM, you need to look into the eyes of at least those you look at.
  • ​What it takes to grab the attention of any audience by Starting with Impact. There are countless ways in which you can set yourself apart from others and in this module you will learn a number of devices that are at your disposal.
  • O​ne thing that great speakers posses is the willingness to inject passion and enthusiasm into their presentaions.
  • ​How to speak with Vocal Variety to keep your audience engaged.
  • ​What to do to Silence the Cynic in your audience.
  • and much, much more.



Speaking Camera


  • Much of what is featured in the iCan Speak element can be applied to delivering virtually. But there are some differences.
  • ​Virtual eye contact
    Ensure that every member of your audience feels as though you are speaking directly to them. Speaking virtually is completely different to speaking to an audience in person. Learn how to achieve the same level of connection whether you are presenting to an audience in the flesh or via a virtual platform. 
  • ​Involving the audience can be a difficult thing to do at the best of times. Here we will look at some interesting ways in which you can do this when speaking virtually.
  • ​Set Up. Its crucial that you have your set up right. Here we will discuss camera’s lighting and sound.
  • ​We will also look at creating video content away from virtual speaking. How to look and sound great and how to edit like a professional.




  • If you were looking to learn about the art of storytelling you should look for someone to help that has some expereince with sharing a story. Richard McCann, the founder of the iCan Academy has shared over 2700 variations of his story. From 5 minutes to 6 hours long. He knows how to deliver a story with impact and he can help you.
  • ​You will learn the 9 key elements to Storytelling.
  • The science behind why you should be sharing stories in all your presentations.
  • ​How to keep a tired audience awake.

  • What an 8 year old knows about storytelling that most presenters don’t.

  • The greatest story structures to apply to your presentations.
  • ​The one thing that most storytellers forget.
  • ​And a whole lot more…..




Your tools for success

When you attend the iCan Speak Bootcamp, I will show you practical techniques that work so you can learn from my experience. You will have an opportunity to practice every technique for yourself while receiving on the spot coaching to help you perform better.

You will learn:

  • Stage presence – how to stand, where to stand and body language, including hand movement and eye contact
  • Instant impact – plan an introduction that makes an immediate impression and learn the language and delivery techniques that will set you apart from other speakers
  • Vocal tone – understand how to control your voice to engage more effectively with your audience
  • Characterisation – learn how to be the characters you are speaking about and breathe new life into your presentations
  • Bring it all together – your chance to demonstrate all the skills and techniques you have learned with a short presentation to the group


Richard McCann has been successfully running the legendary iCanSpeak Academy since 2010. He has delivered various talks, seminars and workshops, throughout the UK, and has helped thousands of people discover what it takes to deliver a presentation with Gravitas.

The Gravitas Speakers Retreat is for anyone wishing to work on the art of delivering a message with impact.  Whether you want to step into a management position or you are in a leadership role already, this retreat will sharpen your communication skills on many fronts. Learn how to deliver your message with more clarity, persuasiveness and Gravitas.

Perhaps the time has come for you to share your wisdom and experience of life as a professional speaker. Gravitas will give you the skills to deliver your keynote in a way that captivates your audience and leaves them wanting more, even after the standing ovation.



I got the courage to stand up and speak, the motivation to be more than I am and the determination to be the best speaker I can possibly be. Thanks so much.


A great boost to my personal confidence. I am now looking forward to my next presentation rather than being scared about it.

Keith Cartwright

What a brilliant day! I came expecting to learn how to become a better speaker but I learnt SO much more! Richard is exceptionally gifted at creating a safe place for people to open up, learn and grow.

Siobhan Curham

Today has been amazing, I have learned so much and have been given the confidence to know ‘iCan’ do whatever I want to in life and its amazing to meet the other delegates.

Natalia Aggiano

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