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Richard McCann Launches Pioneering Yorkshire Job Creation Foundation

In a week that’s seen the Princes Trust survey revealing that one in six youngsters fear they’ll end up on benefits after leaving school – coupled the news that youth unemployment among 16-24 year olds has increased by 15,000 to reach 973,000  – an enterprising Yorkshire business has launched its own job creation foundation to fuel its sales pipeline.

Guest speaker was author and motivational speaker, Richard McCann, the son of the Yorkshire Ripper’s first victim, who inspired the 13 recruits to make the most of the opportunity the Foundation is giving them and to never give up – no matter what life throws at them.


Believed to be a UK first, the Foundation is offering recruits a ground breaking 12-week boot camp training programme in Hunslet, South Leeds – investing up to £5,000 to support each recruit on the programme  – and paying them a salary for their duration.

The trainees heard the powerful story of how Richard turned his life around after the brutal murder of his mother Wilma McCann sparked a spiral of abuse, pain, drugs and prison, sharing poignant insights, including how a failed suicide pact with his eldest sister Sonia was the wake-up call he needed to save her and transform his life.

Sharing valuable lessons on how the recruits can aspire to achieve things they’ve previously only dreamt about – regardless of their personal background or postcode – Richard said: “I’m truly inspired by the aim of the Bayford Foundation to give the trainees, all of whom were previously out of work, a once in a lifetime chance to overcome adversity and be the best that they can be.

“I have experienced the pain and anguish of how your roots can count against you, and have learnt that persistence, inner strength and willingness to learn from others who do things better than you – can turn lives around. The Foundation is building a legacy for the future by investing in local people, developing them to fulfil their potential – and teaching them to be proud of their achievements.”

Successful candidates completing the 12-week boot camp will be awarded a recognised qualification from the University of Derby and go on to earn a minimum £16k annual salary with the BE Fuel Cards sales team – with the potential to ramp up their earnings as they progress.

It was wonderful to see David Hirst and Sarah Clark from Calendar TV cover the story – thanks masses guys – you made everyone’s day more perfect than it was already.

What the Recruits Took Away 

Recruit, Shaun Wilkinson said: “Richard’s story was touching and at some points, even tear-jerking. It’s good to be reminded that there’s always someone out there who is worse-off than you and if you have an end goal, it’s never too late to try. The Foundation has found a way to teach people whilst having fun meaning that I am taking on board more information – it is interactive and I love it – it feels too good to be true!”

Rebecca Lawrence added: “It was quite emotional to see someone with a similar background to me and so inspiring to see how positive he is and how he doesn’t let anyone bring him down. He has spurred me on to do my best at the Foundation – I am loving it so far – we are working and learning at the same time and everything that is happening is so engaging. If I can do it, then you can too!”

Fawwad Atiq said: “Richard was very inspirational and I can personally relate to some of his experiences within my own life, His story makes me believe that, if he can come from a background like that, and go on to do motivational talks like this, then why can I?  He has empowered me to go on and make my future for myself.  The Foundation is great – I feel self-sufficient and able to stand on own two feet – After hearing all the people who told me I would amount to nothing, this is my chance to prove them wrong.”

Foundation Leader, June Forsyth, added: “Richard was truly amazing and empowering – reinforcing the power of looking forwards not backwards, staying positive, and believing in yourself – even when your world is falling apart. We could not have wished for a more inspirational way to get the Foundation off the ground.”

The holistic boot camp programme features upbeat guest speakers and fun challenges – including an Apprentice-style competition with recruits selling goods on market stalls. There will also be lifestyle and personal development sessions, including yoga, vocal theatrics and how to manage money. The second round of ‘auditions with a difference’ is being planned in advance of the next boot camp.

To find out more about the opportunities available, call us on 0113 202 5129 or e-mail:

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