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Experience Richard’s life changing day of empowerment at the iCan Live event – because empowerment comes in Cans!

Richard shares his unique story and iCan philosophy in an engaging way that shocks, entertains, motivates and inspires. He understands overwhelming adversity and shares how to overcome real-life challenges.

Thousands of people in organisations in the UK and abroad have already benefited from Richard’s motivational story and iCan approach. Over 2500 audiences and 1/4 million delegates have left inspired to take control and take action to succeed.

Speaker Line Up

Richard McCann FPSA

Founder and Host of iCan LIVE, Motivatioanal Speaker, Times No1 Bestselling Author and Presentation Skills Coach

Richard McCann is The Sunday Times No1 Bestselling Author of Just a Boy. His first book sold close to half a million copies and is now translated around the world.

When he was five years of age, his mother was murdered by the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe. He went on a downward spiral leaving school with no qualifications, a spell in prison and a suicide pact with his sister.

The turnaround has been fantastic, Now married and with three children and four books about his life now published. But there is another side to his story that most audiences do not get to hear. At iCan LIVE you will be blown away by what can only be described as miracles which have appeared along the way.

Krystyna Lennon, Corporate Hypnotist and Coach – ‘The World’s Best Hypnotist’ – CBS

Krystyna Lennon is a world-renowned hypnotist, television personality, author, keynote speaker and media source. For over 20 years, she has also worked as an executive coach and hypnotist for a private client base.

During her younger years, the loss of both parents, teenage pregnancy and abusive relationships, and homelessness, all made their mark on Krystyna, leaving her with anxiety, zero self-worth and seriously limiting beliefs. But she overcame these setbacks, forging a relatively successful career as a coach.

In 2015, determined to challenge herself further, Krystyna set her sights on becoming a stage hypnotist, with the aim of speaking in front of as many people as possible.

Armed with a killer USP, Hypnodog, Krystyna managed to drum up media and TV interest, and within a very short time, she was performing on Britain’s Got Talent, in front of a live studio audience of 1500 people. The show was initially viewed by 11 million people and has since been seen by a further 25 million!

Since then, Krystyna has been hypnotising A-list celebrities all around the globe.


Parveen Ashraf,  Celebrity Chef & Published Author

Parveen Ashraf is a 53-year-old celebrity chef and published author from Bradford, West Yorkshire. She has had a passion for food all her life but decided to take her love of cooking more seriously following a bout of serious illness in 2007, when a tumour was discovered in her abdomen.

Her husband, Qamar, persuaded her to leave her stressful job as an OFSTED  inspector and focus on a new career teaching cookery and providing catering for Indian dinner parties.

But just as Parveen was about to give up on her dreams, her mother gave her the strength she needed to carry on. As she lay dying, Parveen’s mother, Khurshid, reminded her daughter how strong she was; Parveen had spent the first three months of her life in an incubator. Begum made her daughter promise never to give up.

It is now less than three years since she made that promise to her mum, but Parveen has already managed to publish her book, Parveen the Spice Queen: Step by Step Authentic Indian Cooking, and her own TV show, Parveen’s Indian Kitchen, was aired on ITV at the start of 2019!

Kritikal Powers
Rap & Grime Artist
Kritikal Powers is a 27 year old hip-hop & grime artist from North Yorkshire, UK. Kritikal has been involved in the music scene for over 11 years and has attended the BBC introducing master class at Abbey Road and Maida Vale in 2012.

His debut EP ‘Liberation’ charted in the iTunes top 200 album charts at number 63 with no label or promotional campaign. He reached a weekly play count of between 3000-4000 plays on his Soundcloud page whilst being played on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week.

His latest EP ‘You’re Welcome 3’ is available for free now!

Winston Ben Clements,

Born with brittle bones disorder that caused his bones to break very easily. His mission is to inspire 1 BILLION people to unleash their full human potential.

Winston Ben Clements was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth, and caused his bones to be extremely fragile (fracturing more than 150 times by age 12). Despite his small stature (3 feet tall) and use of a wheelchair, Winston has taken a stand for a quality of life that knows no limits. His powerful message continues to inspire audiences worldwide to break through their own barriers to unleash their full human potential.

Winston has become extremely popular for his keynote and guest speaking appearances due to his ability to deliver inspirational and practical content, in a humorous and relaxed style.

Steve Judge, Two Times World Champion Paratriathlon and Author
Following a near fatal car accident resulting in both legs being crushed Steve was told that he may never walk again. Through setting goals and working towards them he was able to achieve through his rehabilitation and then onwards to eventually become a World Champion in the sport of paratriathlon. Now as a professional speaker he takes the audiences on an inspiring and entertaining journey following his commitment and achievements.
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