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The power of effective communication

Communication is essential for success in all walks of life; whether you are an individual who wants to be a more confident speaker or a professional looking to deliver powerful presentations with impact; to clients, to the board or to your team.
Whoever you are and whoever you are communicating with, how you deliver your ideas is what counts if you want to effectively persuade, influence, explain or connect with your audience.


Anyone can benefit from greater communication skills. People with the confidence and training to share ideas in a powerful way can expect a richer social life with more fulfilling relationships.

Communication is also the key to outstanding interview technique, stronger sales presentations and more engaged networking—everything you need to significantly improve your career prospects. Perhaps you have set your sights on becoming a successful professional speaker!

In the corporate world, communication underpins success in many ways. People who can communicate well gain much more from business networking events, are stronger negotiators and more persuasive. Being able to speak well empowers people whether they are in sales, customer services or management.


Speaking to Camera is NOT Optional

It’s an Essential Skill


Video’s been with us for a while

From Facebook lives to LinkedIn video updates, the video age has been with us for some time now, but who could have predicted that video would be the only way to make face-to-face contact with an audience?

And it’s here to stay for some time yet!

The world is constantly changing. While nobody could have foreseen how suddenly most people’s lives were going to change in 2020, the world was moving increasingly towards online modes of communication. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before most interaction was via video. One thing is certain—video is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Meetings, presentations, internal communications and sales pitches are now being delivered via Zoom and similar web-based video platforms.

But how comfortable are you with the new situation?

How do you feel about speaking to camera?

Some people will be more comfortable with the current situation that others, especially if they had been creating video content and delivering webinars for some time already. However, what if you have never had to speak to camera before? Even the most confident people can feel a little strange speaking to a camera.

Richard McCann can help you

Richard McCann is no stranger to the camera. Since publishing his Times bestselling autobiography, Just a Man, in 2004, Richard has delivered his signature keynote over 2,500 times all around the world and has been featured in countless live and pre-recorded television shows. He has appeared live on Sky News, Channel 5, ITV’s This Morning, and a range of BBC channels, and has taken part in documentary programs as well as current affairs and news shows.

As a highly acclaimed professional speaker with 15 years’ experience under his belt and a successful presentation skills coach for the last 10 years, Richard is more than capable of helping you and your team to deliver engaging presentations from a stage. More importantly, he has the skills, the training and the experience to show you how to engage your audience using virtual video channels.

iCan Speak to Camera

iCan Speak to Camera has been designed to give you all the tools you need to confidently handle the camera whether that’s having to deal with a live interview, handle a face-to-face meeting, or deliver a webinar or other group presentation.

What will you learn?

Preparing for the camera—Learn everything you need to know about the physical set-up, how you should stand, where you should stand, your body language, gestures and understanding your surroundings.

Virtual eye contact—”It felt as though they were talking to me” is what you want your audiences to be thinking. Speaking virtually is completely different to speaking to an audience in a live physically face-to-face setting. This practical module teaches you how to achieve the same results whether live in the flesh or via a video platform.

Start with impact—Starting a presentation or webinar virtually comes with added pressures of not always being able to see your audience. Discover how to maintain their interest throughout.

Vocal variety—The last thing anyone wants to hear is someone with a monotone voice. Learn how to add charisma to your vocal delivery.

Sounding natural online—Working from a script is not the way to engage an audience. In this module, we will cover how eye contact is applied differently in face-to-face and virtual presentations.

Enthusiasm is key—Virtual speakers must inject enthusiasm into their presentation if they want to maintain interest throughout a video presentation. In this module, you will learn how to deliver presentations with gusto, and you will have an opportunity to practice.

Involving the audience—Learn how to involve our audience in the presentation. Essential DO’s and DON’Ts.

Lights, camera, action—Find out how to present yourself in the best light, whether you are working from the attic, basement or anywhere else.

iCan Speak to Camera will empower you to deal with any kind of situation involving the camera. You will be given all the training you need and plenty of opportunities to practice. You will not be able to wait for your next chance to shine in front of the camera!

Whatever your situation, it takes confidence to stand up and speak. Inspirational speaker Richard McCann used to be terrified of speaking in public.

Since first delivering a talk in 2005, Richard has mastered the art of speaking and has shared his own story over 2500 times. His speaking career has taken him all the around the world, to places such as Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Luxembourg, Iran, and South Africa.

What you or your team will learn

The training at “iCan Speak” programs is hands-on. People learn all the practical techniques they need to know, and then they are given the opportunity to practice what they have learned in conjunction with on-the-spot coaching to help them perform better.


Richard McCann’s legendary iCanSpeak Bootcamp has been running successfully since 2010 all around the UK, with thousands of satisfied attendees.
Afterwards, your confidence will soar and you’ll be a more engaging speaker – guaranteed. Don’t put this off any longer.


One-day events typically include:

  • Stand and deliver – A comprehensive look at body language, including appropriate and effective hand gestures
  • Are you looking at me? – Understanding eye contact is vital, and this module looks at the subject in great detail
  • Start with impact – Grab your audience’s attention right from the start
  • Spice things up – How to inject genuine and infectious enthusiasm into a talk
  • Vocal variety – A selection of powerful language techniques to engage any audience
  • “3” is the magic number – Learn how to reinforce your message using this effective technique that can be applied to any presentation
  • Involve the audience – The best speakers don’t stick to a script

Two-day events give you everything you get in a one-day event, plus these additional modules:

  • Owning the stage – Learn how to project yourself far beyond your own personal space, move with Gravitas and fill the entire stage with your presence
  • Call to action – How to win the response you are looking for from your audience
  • The “10 Essential Elements to Storytelling” – This includes key subjects such as emotion, drama, specificity, understanding your audience, structure types, and much more
  • Bringing it all together – Delegates will be expected to deliver a presentation of their own

The two day event includes filming of your presentation which will be evaluated during the second day. This will include key feedback and tips. The length of presentation will be determined by the number of delegates. The footage will be made available for you to use post event.

Whichever course you choose, you will leave with the confidence, skills and hands-on experience to deliver highly engaging and effective presentations.

Richard has helped to transform thousands of people into confident, effective and engaging speakers from the shy individual to the C-suite executive. iCan Academy training is split across three main areas:


iCan Speak for Teams

How strong is your workforce?

Businesses are only as strong as their weakest members. When your team is inspired, motivated and empowered, they can achieve anything. It is amazing how giving people the power to be strong communicators can transform their potential whether they are in sales, customer services, management or any other area of your business.

Richard McCann’s iCan Speak programs will deliver a number of real benefits to your team.

These include:

  • Business agility – a team that is primed to evolve and succeed
  • Client retention – better relationships with clients
  • Lower costs – better relationships with suppliers
  • Increased productivity – stronger relationships between colleagues mean happier teams that work in harmony towards shared goals
  • Improved business growth – highly charged and effective sales teams, motivated and managed by more inspirational and influential leaders

People who attend iCan Speak programs gain a number of personal skills, including the ability to:

  • Communicate authentically – be the best version of themselves
  • Engage their audience – make the sale, persuade the board, negotiate with suppliers, lead the team
  • Speak with authority and passion – inject enthusiasm into their presentation
  • Master the art of public speaking – essential for anyone aiming to be the best in business

Over the years of helping thousands of people to overcome fear and shine in confidence, we have developed lots of tools and techniques to improve performance.

What would it mean to your bottom line if your sales team were performing at the top of their game?

How much stronger would your business be, if you were able to negotiate more favourable terms from your suppliers?

Do you want a highly motivated and productive workforce.

The iCan Academy can help your teams and your leaders whether you employ one or 300! We can provide the training in-house at your premises or at the venue of your choice.


iCan Speak Bootcamp

Want to be more successful in your personal and professional life?

The most successful people are excellent communicators but they also share another essential trait. They have bags of confidence. The iCan Academy, we will show you all the tools you need to be a superb communicator but, more importantly, we open the door to a new, confident you that can seize opportunities and make an impact on any stage!

What does “success” look like?

Success can mean different things to different people but here are some of the most common kinds of success:

  • A rewarding career
  • A healthy relationship
  • Powerful public speaker
  • Skilled in the art of persuasion
  • Masterful with presentations
  • Superb in social situations

All these kinds of success require excellent communication skills but we can all learn what to say and how to say it. That’s the easy part. Having the confidence to put those communication skills into practice. That’s much more of a challenge but all the iCan Academy programs are designed to help people understand where fear comes from and how to overcome their own self-limiting fearful beliefs.

Sometimes people need to taste something to realise its goodness. Once they step through the door of experience, they learn lessons they will never forget. We help people step through that door.

iCan Speak programs are suitable for anyone wanting to become a more engaging speaker and ideal for those who may have a fear of speaking.


  • Feeling great on a stage in front of a large or small audience
  • Holding the attention of a large audience and making an impact
  • Knowing the best way to present a story in an inspirational and motivational way
  • Presenting and persuading others with confidence and style
  • Getting the most out of life at home and at work

Now you can!

Our events will give you all the skills and the experience you need, as well as a renewed sense of inner confidence.


iCan Speak with Gravitas

Gravitas Speakers Retreat

The Gravitas Speakers Retreat is our most advanced speaking course and is for anyone wishing to work on the art of delivering a message with impact.

Whether you want to step into a management position or you are in a leadership role already, this retreat will sharpen your communication skills on many fronts. Learn how to deliver your message with more clarity, persuasiveness and Gravitas.

Why Gravitas?

Perhaps the time has come for you to share your wisdom and experience of life as a professional speaker. Gravitas will give you the skills to deliver your keynote in a way that captivates your audience and leaves them wanting more, even after the standing ovation.

Are you serious about having Gravitas?

This event is not for everyone. If all you are looking for is a pleasant weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life, in an environment where you will be pampered while lazing by the pool, then this retreat is not for you. While the venue is superb and there will be some free time for you to relax by the pool, this retreat is about much more than getting away from it all. You can book that kind of retreat any time you like. The Gravitas Speakers Retreat is for people who are serious and determined about self-improvement. You will get what you put in.

An exclusive hands-on experience

The Gravitas Speakers Retreat is a very hands-on experience and to ensure that we give you the time and attention you will need to develop, we offer limited places – usually around eight. You will be in very safe hands as your lead coach is the Sunday TimesNo.1 Bestselling Author Richard McCann.

Gravitas retreats run from Friday to Sunday in only the most luxurious of venues, to enable you to fully relax and recharge your batteries in-between sessions. Although accommodation is included in your investment, you can also invite a friend, partner or colleague to join you at the venue for a reasonable fixed price for the two night stay.

Much more than a speaking course

Richard leads a coaching team which delivers a comprehensive range of skills to ensure you have a detailed understanding of delivery style and content. The team includes leading successful professionals who can show you how to grow your business through your network or create the most powerful visuals to your presentations. You will also learn how to best present yourself in front of a camera.


This is the entry level training and is suitable for most people who would like to be a more engaging speaker. This is particularly suited to those who may have a fear of speaking. More details below.

Presentation Skills Bootcamp LONDON – 


Please see our virtual events on the Events page

Venue:  Double Tree Hilton,  17 – 18 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0HT

8.45am arrival for a 9.00am start, 4.30pm finish, Lunch included 

Cost £397 + Vat

Please see terms and conditions below.

Presentation Skills LIVE Bootcamp LEEDS   25th January 2021
10 Places Remain

Venue:  Oulton Hall,  Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds, LS26 8HN 

8.45am arrival for a 9.00am start, 4.30pm finish,

Lunch and refreshments included

Cost £300+ Vat

Please see terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions:  All spaces are non refundable. If 4 weeks or more notice are given then the place can be transferred to another event. If 4 weeks notice or less is give you can allow someone to take your place. Tickets must be paid in full at time of booking unless agreed beforehand. We take security very seriously and for that reason this site uses 3D secure to verify your payment directly with the bank and also an SSL certificate to ensure secure transmission of your card data.


Totally inspiring! Having never done anything like this before I would completely advise any company to get Richard in for training, because there is no need for anyone else. A HUGE thank you.

Sarah Yarwood, Claremont

I have so enjoyed watching the team grow in confidence, overcome their ‘presenting demons’ & learning more about the people I work with day in day out. From a personal perspective I have gained a wealth of tips that I can’t wait to put into practice.

Abi Humayun, Owner, Rapport Agency

Richard has helped me on my journey to overcome my fear of presenting with his excellent techniques, storytelling and practice.

Shamila Gill, Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy

Excellent. Richard has not only improved me as an individual but the whole of Team NMBS will be a better company for spending 1 day on a training day with Richard. 10/10.

Brendan McNally, National Sales Manager, National Merchant Buying Society

Richard has helped me on my journey to overcome my fear of presenting with his excellent techniques, storytelling and practice.

Shamila Gill, Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy

It’s the best course I have been on. It’s great to see an expert in his field at work.

Phillip Morgan, Trainer, Bank of America

Enjoyed it very much. Superb team building as much as presentation techniques.

Gregg Barton, Director, Space Zero

The course was fantastic, challenging and I learned a lot. I took much of it into a tender presentation the following week, which we have just found out we won.

Jonathan Idle


To find out more about our Gravitas retreats, iCan Speak programs or one-to-one coaching, please call on 0113 426 8426 or drop up a line by email on

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