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Just when I thought I’d seen and read it all,  I realise that I hadn’t. Yesterday, which is the day we laid to rest my stepmother, I received one of my most unusual pieces of diologue ever.  I did post parts of it on Linkedin but as there were restictions to the length of the post I couldnt include it all. Here is the entire conversation. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

I received a request to connect from someone I didnt know. We had a few mutal connections so I accepted and then sent out this message as I do with many that  I connect with.

* Hi FarXX – Thanks very much for connecting. It’s great to link up with new people and useful to know how people have found me. Did you hear about one of my talks or come across one of my posts?
If Linkedin recommended we connect there is a chance you are unaware of my work.

 My speaker showreel:

My presentation skills video feedback:

* Let me know if I can help,
Best wishes Richard

I did not expect the reply.

* Thank you but not interested.
* In regards of talk with all my respect. I talk much better than you.
* I have studied Chinese history and psychology and I read most of classic literature ( I read king Lear when I was 12).
* I am intelligent enough with high level IQ.
* I know well about history geography, tech ( especially smartphone) design and art .

I am looking for investor. * Dream, everyone has a dream Malcolm X and Martin Luther king they had a dream and Barack Obama made it become true, even Abba and westlife they have a dream too ( I have a dream song ).  I have a dream and my dream is to leave a legacy behind myself in my short time.

I do believe someone recommended me to you. * My first job was broadcast assistant in media. So writing articles in my expertise.
* See how did I say about dream ( very intelligent with sense of humour).  So as I said I speak better than you.
Take care

Wow. Did I just read that?

My reply: I wouldn’t dream…of telling someone that I speak better than them. Good luck in chasing your dream.

I then received this.

* I have sent you message at 3.42 pm.
* You have answered me at 5.42 pm exactly 2 hours later .
* Oh my God.
* You have been thinking of what to answer.
* Seriously

Wow! This guy knows how to charm.

I then inform him briefly that:

Me:I went to a funeral: show some respect


You are so Emmerdale. Plus your lovely emmerdale accent

I’m not sure if I dreamt the conversation or whether or not it truly took place. But It did teach me that the art of conversation wasn’t dead. With over 100’000 views of the shortened post on Linkedin it appears that he has achieved some sort of legacy already. But as he has been blocked by me it he will be unaware of his 15 minutes of fame.

In other news……..

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