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So there I was Richard McCann inspirational speaker: In London, heading for The Press association where I was delivering presentation skills and as I walked out of Kings Cross Station I saw a man to my left who was stood with a large piece of cardboard with a message on it.

I initially thought he was homeless but when I got closer I realised that his notice was not begging for money, for food or a bed for the night. I introduced myself and discovered that the man in question was called James who had lost his job recently and was couch surfing. And, as his notice proclaimed, he had Autism too.  I had to do something. So in an moment of madness I got out my phone and asked James if I could interview him.

If you watched this on my facebook page you will already know about his plight but you may not know what took place next.


*The mention of London Village was a reference to how London was decribed on BBC Radio 1 by Mark and Lard.

I’m not sure how many of us would do what James did. I would guess its not many. Sometimes in life you have to do something to get noticed. Sometimes we have to do something that scares the life out of us and sometimes it’s best to pay attention to those around us. James described how most people that day didn’t even give him the time of day.

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