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Richard is a motivational speaker, professional speaker, inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, available for business, corporate, community and education clients.

An exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to give your people the iCan approach. Not only does Richard live and breathe the iCan philosophy, but has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to change the way people think – and act.

When working with Richard you will be in safe hands. He’s been speaking for clients just like you for 13 years and has delivered over  2500 presentations in that time. He knows what is required to ensure your events runs like clockwork. Need him to shave a few minutes off his presentation to get your agenda back on track? No problem. Need him to create a bespoke presentation for your delegates so that his message is aligned with what you’re trying to achieve? Then book motivational speaker Richard McCann. We know that when booking a speaker your reputation is at stake. Believe us , with motivational speaker Richard McCann your reputation will remain completely intact afterwards. Your delegates will be speaking about the keynote for some considerable time.

If you want to add something unusual, inspiring and challenging to your next event book the motivational speaker, Richard McCann.

Whether or not you a looking for a Motivational Speaker in Leeds, a Motivational Speaker in Yorkshire of a Motivational speaker in the UK or an international motivational speaker for that matter you’ve found what you are looking for with Motivational Speaker Richard McCann

Born into poverty on a tough council estate in Leeds, England, he was placed on the “At-risk” register before he could walk and talk. Then, just one week before his sixth birthday, his mother was tragically taken from him when she became the first victim of a man who would go on to become one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, Peter Sutcliffe.

What followed was foster parents, time in a care home, and then a deprived childhood living with his often violent and drunken father. Richard eventually left school with no qualifications and very little self-esteem. After stumbling from one mistake after another, he fell into petty crime and this led to a stint in the same prison as his mother’s killer! When he was released, he had few prospects and entered a suicide pact with one of his sisters. He had reached his rock bottom.

Find out how Richard turned his life around and went on to become a Sunday Times No1 Best Selling author whose first book, Just a Boy, made sales of almost half a million in the UK alone and was translated into more than 10 different languages.

Richard McCann is now an internationally recognised professional speaker and has delivered over 2500 keynotes globally. Whether you want to inject an iCan attitude into your sales force or help your workforce to embrace change and overcome challenges, Richard knows how to engage with an audience and change their mindsets from the inside out.


As a highly versatile and experienced speaker, Richard can adapt his keynotes and other presentations to meet the objectives of his clients. However, he has many years of experience working within four specific areas:








The most successful people in business are those who embrace change and adapt, identifying the opportunities that arise and grabbing them with both hands.

Change is a constant in any business environment but the current economic climate needs people with innovative and positive mindsets, perhaps more than ever before.

Richard’s own story shows how he had to overcome some of the harshest of challenges, eventually spending time in prison. Following his release, he faced few prospects and hit rock bottom when he entered into a suicide pact with his sister. Once he realised that only he could turn things around by taking full responsibility of his life and his future, he went on to become a Sunday Times Best Selling author and an internationally recognised professional speaker.

His keynotes pack a powerful punch that can be tailored to suit your corporate audience. Whether you want to celebrate success, reward your team or recharge them for the challenges ahead, Richard McCann will inject the right ingredients to make an impact.

You can count on Richard to inspire and motivate people at all levels within your organisation from the most senior managers to the office cleaners.


People working in the public sector are the superstars of society. The rest of us rely on you for health care, social care, and family support.

Often working longer hours and through the night, people in the public sector find themselves dealing with uncertainty all the time, relying on funding from the governing power.

Richard McCann knows what it is like to be taken into care, having spent time in a children’s home and with foster carers. Public sector organisations need to be recognised for the amazing work that they do and to be encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward despite facing new challenges brought about by constant change.

You can count on Richard’s keynote to uplift, inspire, motivate and bring renewed hope to public sector employees at all levels within the organisation. His own story shows just how much we can achieve when we change our mindsets.


Richard McCann knows all about social housing, having been raised on a council estate near Scott Hall Road, Leeds, and then spending the first decade of his working life in rented accommodation.

He has first hand knowledge of the issues that can arise between landlords and tenants and can draw on his own experience to deliver a tailored keynote to people in the housing sector.

Richard’s keynote will recharge your staff and give them a new perspective on dealing with the challenges of their industry.

If you want a keynote that will motivate and inspire your team, leaving them more than ready to overcome whatever challenges they face, book Richard’s keynote today.


Richard McCann left school with no qualifications but that doesn’t mean his teachers didn’t make an impact.

Every adult that interacts with our children has the potential to make an enormous difference to how the lives of these children unfold.

One teacher in particular played a major part in shaping Richard into the internationally recognised professional speaker that he has become.

Mr Hill was Richard’s English teacher and he recognised something in the young Richard McCann that even Richard himself was not aware of. He encouraged Richard to enter a public speaking competition. Richard agreed and won the competition. The next stage in that journey would not take place for a couple of decades but the rest, as they say, is history.

Richard’s story is both fascinating and inspirational for teachers and students alike. Born into poverty and placed on the “At-risk” register, Richard didn’t have the greatest start in life. Things became dramatically worse when, just one week before his sixth birthday, his mother’s life was taken by serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe.

Who could have guessed that Richard McCann would go on to write a Sunday Times Best Selling autobiography and deliver over 2000 presentations around the globe?

Students who hear Richard’s story soon realise that they can be masters of their own destiny. They learn that their outcomes are defined by their mindset, regardless of their start in life. Most of all, they discover that the toughest challenges any of us face come from our own self-limiting beliefs.

Teachers play a vital part in preparing our youngsters for the real world and the responsibility they carry is huge. Theirs is one of the toughest and most demanding of occupations. Richard’s story will uplift and inspire those working within schools, while covering several major themes of success:

The importance of self-belief


The power of positivity


Improving self talk

Developing courage

Elevating aspirations

Accepting responsibility


Strengthening resilience

While Richard’s keynotes are hard-hitting, they are delivered with humility, sensitivity and plenty of fun to lighten the subject matter. The most important thing that any young person will take away from Richard’s presentation is a solid “iCan” attitude.


Charitable work relies on special people who are driven by a desire to improve the lives of others, often on a voluntary basis.

This kind of work is physically and mentally challenging, and often means working long and unsociable hours to help the most vulnerable of people: the homeless, the terminally ill or looked after children for example.

Having spent time as a looked after child himself, raised in poverty and violence before going on to spend time in prison, Richard McCann’s own story offers tremendous hope to everyone. More than that, his keynote will uplift anyone working in the third sector and remind them the importance of their work.

Richard’s keynote also serves as an inspirational message for fundraisers, demonstrating through his own experience what people are capable of when they have the self-belief and the right mindset.

Whether you want to motivate your staff, inspire volunteers or encourage fundraisers, Richard McCann’s keynote will deliver a message that they will remember for a long time.

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