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We interrupt your day to bring you this from our ‘iCan Speak Academy‘ on the spot reporter. Please be aware there is no flash photography in this item.

On my travels around the UK speaking at various events I get the pleasure of seeing some great speakers: But there is always two sides to a coin and that means I see some who are …well, not so great.  Or at least they could make even more impact if only they were made aware of  just a few small things. Some may say that I am splitting hairs here but I believe it’s the splitting of those hairs that we grow.

Earlier today I saw a speaker who I had seen before and he was great and I’d say he’s improved since I last saw him. I watched him at work and loved his energy. I won’t mention his name here but he’s well known for his energy levels so at least he’s consistent and the energy in the room was cranked up to the MAXIMUM. Now this is fine and to be honest I’m quite an energetic speaker myself but I simply had to let him know how he could have made even more impact than he did.

Of course I asked for permission to give him a little feedback: After he agreed I then pointed out that his energy is fantastic but at the very beginning when he made his profound statement he really should consider standing still rather than bouncing around the stage.

It’s not important right now what he said but my point is that if you ever find yourself in a similar position, delivering something profound or extremely important then in my opinion, you really should stand still, make your statement, let it sink in and then continue with your presentation.

His response “I get it”.

As I said: I’m spitting hairs.

Whilst I have my hair splitter out I should also mention that he really was a great speaker. Towards the end he almost moved me to tears. I’d have been surprised if there was a person in the room who didn’t feel what I had. And then a few lines later he finished. Then the person who was chairing the event stood up and I almost spat out my popcorn when she didn’t even mention the speaker. She simply said something along the lines of “Ok, what’s going to happen now is we are going to split up and visit whichever breakout room you chose when you arrived this morning……” She was reading this and it was obvious.

Come on people! We can’t ignore what’s going on around us. As my friend and fellow speaker Nigel Risner often says “If you are going to be in the room, be in the room”.

In other news……

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