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You may have come across this video already on my Facebook page  but it was so important that I didn’t want to assume that you had seen it there.

A few months ago the children at my son Ellis was asked by his teachers what he wanted to do when he was older. He has told them that he wanted to be a motivational speaker and they took the photo below which I spotted o the classroom wall with all the rest of his classmates.

You can imagine how proud of him I was when I saw this but then how that was replaced with dismay when he described how the teaching assistants looked at one another and sniggered/laughed. I’m not quite sure how accurate that description was by Ellis but that’s how he interpreted it. He certainly didn’t give him the kind of encouragement he deserved.

Anyhow: a few weeks ago at the Royal Armouries in Leeds Ellis had the opportunity to prove his teachers wrong. Take a look at what may just be one of the UK’s, if not the worlds youngest motivational speaker start his speaking career.

He was paid £10 a minute for his few minutes which equates to £600 an hour pro-rata. And at an average of 37hours for a working week that equates to £22’000 a week and at 52 weeks a year that is a grand total of £1’154’400

He’s become a million pound speaker at the age of 8.

Ok this is a little tongue in cheek but Ellis’s next presentation is to over 1000 people in a little over a weeks time. Hey, I’m laying the foundations for my pension. I’m not getting any younger.

My point in all this is that when you have a goal to do, be or achieve something then with the determination and belief to do the world really is your stage.

If you are looking for some inspiration and are serious about raising the bar in your life then why not grab an early bird ticket for the next iCan LIVE Event in Leeds. Sunday 29th May Ellis will be making a guest appearance too.

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